For the month of September, we are going to be mixing it up with our swing dance classes at our Richmond venue, The Cricketers, and giving you a different style to try out each week. We will go through all the basics but will also provide additional (fun) challenges to those who may have already done any of these before!

  • September 5th 2018 - Blues : There are many styles and interpretations of blues dance, it can be danced to modern contemporary as well as traditional blues music and is danced at a much more smoother & slower pace and closer connection than other swing dances. Facebook event >>
  • September 12th 2018 - Balboa : A swing style that is danced mainly in a close hold with your dance partner. This is a lovely graceful dance that allows you to dance to much faster music without needing as much energy as with something like Lindy Hop. Facebook event >>
  • September 19th 2018 - Solo Jazz "The Shim Sham" : Danced (as the title suggests) without a partner, you can get the chance to be more expressive and dance the moves in your own style! You can even incorporate these into you partner dancing too. This routine is known by Swing dancers around the globe and is danced regularly at events everywhere! Facebook event >>
  • September 26th 2018 - Lindy Hop : The daddy of swing dance, the Lindy Hop is a fun, incredibly versatile and inventive dance and is most well known for its aerial acrobatics, but don't worry, we won't be trying to get you to do any of those this time around ... well maybe not! Facebook event >>


Come along and try us out and who knows, it could be the start of something wonderful for you :-).

Where : The Cricketers, The Green, Richmond, TW9 1LX
When : Wednesdays 7pm, September 5th - September 26th 2018
Cost : ONLY £8 per class.
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