Every pro was once an amateur and every expert was once a beginner.

Join District Swing and learn how to dance. We teach different styles, which all are party of the Swing Dance family and you can learn in different ways.

Drop-In Classes

These are regular (weekly) classes and the best way for most people to learn to dance. You do not need to book in advance and can come whenever you want. They are normally around 1 hour each and the "level" that the classes are aimed at will be shown on the class details.


These are more in-depth than the drop-in classes  are designed for more specific learning. They may also help you to work more thoroughly though steps or techniques that you may have been having difficulty with. You DO need to book in advance for these as numbers would be limited.

Private Classes

Be it private one-to-one classes to help you through specifics, group classes with friends or colleagues or something that you want to learn for your 'special day', we can tailor something to meet your needs.