At District Swing, we offer classes at different levels to cater for everyone. The descriptions below are a handy little guide for our swing dancing classes  ...

  • Beginners (Level 1) - These classes are for you if you are brand new to swing dancing or have only done a few classes and are still getting to grips with the basics. If you have done other partner dances before (Ballroom, Latin, etc), it is still good to come to these classes as there will be differences in styling, connection, body movement, etc., as well as the basic steps that will need to be learnt. You would expect to be in a beginners class for at least 3 months but do not worry or get disheartened if it takes longer as everyone has different speeds of learning. These lessons are great fun and a great way to start on your learning journey. You will be introduced to:
    • 6 count lindy hop
    • 8 count lindy hop
    • 1920's charleston

    • Lindy charleston
  •  Improvers (Level 1.5) - A bridge between beginners and intermediates, these classes will delve a little further  into what is being taught in the beginners classes, giving you more opportunity to learn, practice and play. You will also start to learn how to transition between the different rhythms. Sometimes we might just mix things up and teach you something completely different!!
  • Intermediates (Level 2) - These are for you if you are getting comfortable with the different rhythms and transitions that you have learnt and now want to strengthen your skills and techniques in leading & following. You will also learn lots of new moves and variations, including the "Swing Out" and "Tandem Charleston".  These classes will continue to help develop your styling, connection and musicality. There is no suggested minimum length of time to spend at this level, just stay for as long as the classes are challenging you.
  • Int-Advanced (Level 2.5) - You are fairly comfortable and confident with all the rhythms and transitioning between them during social dances, as well as your leading/following. You are now getting to that stage where you want to start refining all your moves, learning to improvise steps as well as experimenting with more variations.
  • Advanced (Level 3) - You will have been dancing at least a couple of years and your dancing is now at that stage where you really want to be challenged further, allowing you to dance much more comfortably at faster speeds. Moves and techniques will be stripped back, working on elements such as tension & compression, pulsing, stretch & release, and so on.