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Frankie & Norma dancing the Peabody

Frankie Manning & Norma Miller dancing the Peabody, at Herrang 1997
Video of the Week #012

Named after New York policeman Lieutenant William Peabody, this brisk dance developed in the ragtime era of the 1910s and 1920s. With long gliding strides and a few syncopation's, you travel around the floor (similar to the foxtrot). When the floor gets crowded or you are just feeling playful, this is a fun dance to bust out!

This clip shows the legendary Frankie Manning, dancing with the amazing Norma Miller and doing the Peabody, the way it was danced back at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem NY. This was filmed at the famous Herrang Swing Dance Camp, in 1997. Frankie was then just 83 years young and Norma was a sprightly 78!!

The song is "Crazy Bout My Baby" by Fats Waller.

Stephen & Chandrae at RTSF 2013

Stephen Sayer & Chandrae Roettig  at the Rock That Swing Festival, 2013
Video of the Week #011

You will find loads of video clips on Youtube of Swing dance showcases (choreographed routines). This is a clip of the wonderful Stephen & Chandrae, performing at RTSF (Rock That Swing Festival) back in 2013. We just love the sheer energy in this routine.

The song is "Dark Eyes" by Jonathan Stout & His Campus 5.

Skye & Frida at ALHC 2005

Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl  at the American Lindy Hop Championships, 2005
Video of the Week #009

You will find loads of video clips on Youtube of Swing dance competitions. This is a clip of the wonderful Skye & Frida  competing at the ALHC back in 2005. We just love the playfulness and musicality in this routine.

And check out the moves at around 1:51 into the clip. We told you that doing lots of triples to one side and also just doing hip shimmies are ACTUAL moves! It all depends of when you do them in the music ;-).

The song is "Look A There" by Slim & Slam.

Swing Dancing in Kid Dynamite

Swing Dancing in the movie Kid Dynamite, 1943
Video of the Week #008

Swing dancing has been captured in many movies over the years. In this light-hearted clip you have the famous Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan, along with other dancers, at a dance competition. You can see many different styles being danced here, with the additional 'quirky' moves also being thrown in!!

Skye & Naomi at Uptown Swing

Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama perform at Uptown Swing
Video of the Week #007

A couple of world renowned Swing dance teachers, performing at a social event for Boston based dance company, Uptown Swing. Also performing are the great Gordon Webster and his band.

We love this video clip because it has lot of lovely little bits all the way throughout the dance, without trying to be flash or fast or energetic ... just full of joy!

The song is "Crazy Bout My Baby" by Fats Waller.

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